We are an independent publisher delivering practical learning tools for students.

We connect Canadian higher education faculty with innovative and economical educational resources from across Canada, the US and UK.

Focused on Canadian Higher Education

As a true partner in the Canadian Higher Education process, Northrose is committed to providing Canadian Higher Education faculty with high quality, affordable resources designed to help their students succeed.

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Global Reach & Quality

Through our publishing partners network Northrose delivers world class, innovative resources developed by independent publishers from around the globe.

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Experienced Consultation

With an average Higher Education market experience of 20+ years, the Northrose Sales team’s consultative and solutions based approach works to find the right resource for our customers across various academic, vocational and technical subject areas.


We promote a number of exceptional educational tools and resources developed by independent publishers from Canada, the US and UK, providing professional sales representation and market development in the Canadian market place. Focused and agile, we meticulously uncover opportunities for our partner publishers with Canadian faculty, librarians and students.

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Although the Northrose publishing program is still in its infancy, our mission is to develop uniquely applied educational resources designed for use by Canadian students and educators. Our first title “Facilitating Mindfulness” is available now and new titles will be released later this year. If you are interested in developing a learning resource with an explicit focus on the Canadian context we hope you will consider submitting a proposal for consideration.

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Northrose Educational Resources is an Independent publisher focused on creating practical learning tools with a uniquely Canadian focus at a price that students can afford. We are dedicated to working with faculty to develop resources that meet the needs of their students.

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